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THIS RANT 15/11/2000

Dutch ado about nothing

Approximately once a month, I tell myself that I'm going to stop buying evil and expensive junk food and plump for healthier alternatives instead. Inevitably, I get too tired and/or lazy to actually bring food into the office, and sooner or later I end up at the local Burger King, grabbing the inevitable Southern Style Chicken Value Meal and sampling whatever special-offer snack is on offer.

The current special is the Dutch Apple Pie, which combines sloppy apple filling which doesn't bear any obvious resemblance to choko and a crunchy topping. My biggest objection to this product is that it's a tad expensive at $2.10 (although I don't suppose the Maccas alternative is much cheaper, and it's far too easy to burn your mouth on). My second-biggest objection is that it didn't come with a spoon, which made for some messy eating and undermined my dignity in the office lunchroom.

Those problems aside, though, it's pretty damn tasty, and a worthwhile addition to your stomach should you not be concerned about your weight, dental cavities or contributing to the profits of multinational corporations. However, despite the name, I don't think it contains hallucinogenic drugs.

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