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THIS RANT 28/09/2000

Edible Olympic mascots

At the moment, I get the impression that I'm the only person in Australia who is completely indifferent to the fact that the Olympics are on. I've gotten over feeling like the whole thing is a massive inconvenience (I came close when I faced the shopping crowds at lunchtime today, but to be fair, that happens at Christmas too). It's simply that I'm just not interested enough in sport to actually give a damn whether anyone wins or loses. Add to that my automatic ire whenever someone claims that my lack of interest is "unAustralian" -- if the only thing we have to define ourselves as a nation is celebrating what amount to freakish athletic achievements of no practical value, we're in real trouble -- and it's no wonder that I can't rouse myself to any great show of enthusiasm.

Doubtless this explains why, as I wandered through Woolies Metro at Town Hall and spotted a packet of official Olympic Mascot Fruit Flavoured Jellies, I felt forced to buy them. "Great," I thought, "now I can actually eat an Olympic mascot! That'll show 'em!" Given that they cost $2.25, about triple the price of the equivalent non-Olympic product, this was something of a sacrifice. But symbolic gestures always come at a price.

Incidentally, my apologies for not scanning the Millie sweet; I ate 'em all before the idea occurred to me.

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