The Fabulous Story Of Spazzo The Wonder Slug

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Spazzo was a slug. Like most slugs, his life prospects were not good, with a hoedown in the middle of a Big Mac likely to represent a high point in his life. Spazzo, however, was different. Owing to an unfortunate genetic kink, Spazzo believed that he was a wonder slug, and would ultimately lead the Western world through the peace process and create a better planet for people and slugs everywhere.

There is one fatal flaw in Spazzo's plan, however. Even as he contemplated this plan while sliding gently down a cabbage leaf, mad old Mrs McMurty was approaching him with a Zero Weed Wand, ready to terminate his brief existence and destroy the greatest statesman the world had ever seen. (Or kill a slug, to be brutally honest.)

Will Spazzo survive? Is world peace doomed? Who cares about slugs anyway? Tune in later for another installment, maybe.

Not convinced of the importance of Spazzo? Think it's just a load of old toss? Then read what Kritics' Monthly had to say:

APC journalist and part-time pervert Angus Kidman has released what some are describing as his master work, The Fabulous Story of Spazzo the Wonder Slug. Set in the present, the story deals with the aspirations of a slug, echoing, if you will, the author's own struggle for survival, growing up in Armidale and eventually moving to the city with only his will to survive and a few Abba records.

Other critics have singled out the work as misogynistic, citing the lack of characterisation of the work's sole female character Mrs McMurty, who exists only to wield a phallus-shaped instrument of death. However, such criticisms serve only to deflect away from the heart of this work, the role of the slug in the cabbage patch, or, to extend the metaphor, the struggle of the individual in the waves of society. Even the central character's name is designed to highlight this struggle.

By taking what is, in essence, a politically incorrect insult and appropriating it to be associated with something positive, a slug achieving the impossible, what the author is trying to say here is "I may be a complete spazmo, but I am still a threat to your cabbages". A masterpiece!

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