Extract from Rare Bookseller's World, Vol. 26, 'Titles To Watch Out For':

Be Somebody . . . Or Be Somebody's Fool, The Secret Service, 1985. PB, 48pp. London: Methuen.

Smarting from a series of vicious attacks on their reputation by A-Team star Mr T, the US Secret Service struck back with this volume, clearly inspired by T's little-known work of the same title. The Secret Service defend their 'bad ass' image with a series of poems, songs and observations, as well as sarcastic caricatures like "Mr T Is A Nancy" and "Don't Believe Him, He's A Darkie". A notable historical curiosity, if only for the first published photos of FBI agents in full drag. Expect to retail for about $0.50; some warehouse stock apparently still exists.

Another historical curiosity: Mr T without his trademark gold chains, as pictured on page 58 of his book Be Somebody . . . Or Be Somebody's Fool.

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