25 Things You Can Blame The Coalition Government For

Even though they've been responsible for some spectacular fuck-ups, everyone's knows what it feels like to think: "Dang, I can't think of anything to blame the Coalition Government for today." That's where this handy guide comes in, providing you with 25 ready-made disasters that the government deserves to take the blame for. Why not cut it out and stick it on your fridge for future reference?

  1. The villification of single parents
  2. Increased employment for polling organisations
  3. Declining university standards
  4. Ross and Rachel breaking up on Friends
  5. South Australians who get raped by aliens on remote country roads
  6. Ray Martin
  7. Funding cuts at the ABC
  8. Any record by Celine Dion
  9. Tim Fischer
  10. Renovations at Woolie's Town Hall Store, reducing the selection of low-quality videos available
  11. Soaring unemployment figures
  12. That stupid bint from Queensland named after the pop group
  13. Alan Jones
  14. Extended holiday breaks for staff at The Onion
  15. John Davidson's vertical decline
  16. Chess: The Musical closing early in Melbourne
  17. Delays in the release of Windows 98
  18. That period last year when you couldn't move in a shopping centre for fear of seeing someone in a lime-green tank top
  19. Excessive working hours
  20. Football
  21. Selling off Telstra
  22. Banning the heroin trial in the ACT
  23. Nappy rash
  24. The national decline in literacy
  25. Penile warts

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