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Music From The Edge Of Heaven cover image This is not an exhaustive guide to references to Wham! online, nor does it namecheck more than a handful of existing George Michael sites. It's just a rough guide to some of the more prominent offerings online. If you think I've missed something vital, please email me.

The extremely thorough WHAMSHAKE! site includes details of every released Wham! track, with varying levels of detail.

Andrew Ridgeley obsessives need look no further than Andrew John Ridgeley: The Man And The Music,

Unsocial Mix: George Michael Articles contains lots of vintage Wham!-era interviews with both George and Andrew.

"It's Just A Matter Of Time" A George Michael Chronology is the kind of detailed obession stuff we love, and has date-by-date accounts of Wham!'s career between 1982 and 1986.

It's worth mentioning the Wham!Duran home page, which concerns a UK cover act that does, as the name suggests, Wham! and Duran Duran material. And some Wham! mentions do pop up at http://www.aegean.net, George's one-time record label project and current official site.

- Last updated October 19 2003

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