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Music From The Edge Of Heaven cover image This is not an exhaustive guide to references to Wham! online, nor does it namecheck more than a handful of existing George Michael sites. It's just a rough guide to some of the more prominent offerings online. If you think I've missed something vital, please email me.

The promisingly-named Andrew Ridgeley A Man Who Can Shake site not only contains full-on details of the man's solo career, including lyrics, but also links to a similarly well-endowed Wham! site. Overall, this is probably the best Wham! creation I encountered (and offers handy links to GM solo sites should you want them). The author also appears responsible for the Wham! and Andrew Ridgeley entries on the RocknPop reference site.

The George Michael/Wham! Collector site contains good discographies, and some lyrics (these vary in quality of transcription). The site also sells lots of Wham! material; I haven't tried the service yet, but will let you know when I do.

"It's Just A Matter Of Time" A George Michael Chronology is the kind of detailed obession stuff we love, and has date-by-date accounts of Wham!'s career between 1982 and 1986. Also worth checking out is its transcript of an interview with Andrew Ridgeley which appeared in Hello last year.

There's a brief entry on the band http://www.ubl.com/ubl/cards/013/9/46.html as part of the Ultimate Band List, and it's worth mentioning the Wham!Duran home page, which concerns a UK cover act that does, as the name suggests, Wham! and Duran Duran material. This I gotta see. And some Wham! mentions do pop up at http://www.aegean.net, George's online record label project.

Many of the most promising sites seem to have been abandoned. A number of existing fan sites refer to Wham! Web at http://glamgirl.simplenet.com/wham/, but I've yet to be able to access it. The same goes for The Unofficial WHAM! site at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/7359/ and Site Fantastic at http://www.noornet.com/~axatta/dcorner/sitef/.

- Last updated October 19 2003

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