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Respectable: The Complete Mel & Kim

Mel & Kim released just one album (1987's F.L.M.) and four singles before the untimely death of Mel Appleby brought the group to a premature end. So at first it would seem a simple task to include all their major recordings on a single disc. There have already been two attempts, the similarly titled The Best Of Mel & Kim and That's The Way It Is: The Best Of Mel & Kim. The former includes virtually the entire F.L.M. album, but doesn't include the 7" versions which many people fondly recall. The latter uses these instead of the album mixes, and also adds some Kim Appleby solo tracks which confuse the picture a litte.

When Gusworld first began planning this compilation, we figured that it wouldn't require more than two discs to include all the relevant tracks featured on these earlier discs, plus all the major remixes released commercially. How wrong we were. A quick check of the extensive discographies at Appleby Web revealed that the number of extended mixes was higher than we had anticipated, with at least half-a-dozen mixes for each of the major singles. A quick total of those remixes for which the site provides times reveals that at least three discs would be required, and including those not timed would take it up to four.

Quite aside from cost issues, Gusworld Records hasn't yet worked out a good way to sequence six versions of the same track over three discs. (The best solution is individual CD singles for each remix, but that would make a larger box set which is a project we're not quite up to at the moment.) So we settled for including all the original album tracks, the two sides of the 'That's The Way It Is' single, the 7" mixes of the singles, and a rare Swedish remix. That seems a reasonable balance between completeness and not listening to 'Respectable' six times in a row. (There are, we realise, far worse fates than that.)

Again, due acknowledgment to Appleby Web, which was invaluable for planning purposes.

Track Listing

01 F.L.M. (03:57)
02 Showing Out (05:12)
03 Respectable (05:41)
04 Feel A Whole Lot Better (04:25)
05 I'm The One Who Really Loves You (03:41)
06 More Than Words Can Say (04:10)
07 System (04:10)
08 From A Whisper To A Scream (03:35)
09 Who's Gonna Catch You (03:25)
10 That's The Way It Is (03:31)
11 You Changed My Life (03:21)
12 Showing Out (7" Mix) (03:33)
13 Respectable (7" Mix) (03:22)
14 F.L.M. (7" Mix) (03:32)
15 Leave It Out John! Megamix (13:32)
Running time: 69:07

Compiler's notes: Tracks 1-9 are from the original F.L.M. album. Tracks 10 and 11 are the A and B sides of Mel & Kim's final single. Tracks 12-14 are the original single versions of the group's hits, while track 15 is a rare 1990 megamix previously only issued to DJs. It includes That's The Way It Is/I'm The One Who Really Loves You/Showing Out/Respectable/F.L.M./From A Whisper To A Scream/F.L.M. House Mix.

Of course, there's room here for perhaps one extra track, but I haven't thought of a good reason to include another remix. Unreleased tracks (rather than just rare mixes) would of course be ideal, but PWL is adamant that none exist.