John Taylor quits Duran Duran

By Spanky, our Duran Duran correspondent

On Sunday, John Taylor, bass player and founding member of Duran Duran, announced he was quitting the group. The announcement came after months of speculation that he would leave, prompted by his obvious dissatisfaction with the direction of the group and the length of time it was taking to record the album (around three years). That one of two founding members is so disenchanted with the group can only be a signal of the group's demise.

In a 1993 interview, lead singer Simon Le Bon said that after the 1985 break-off by group members to form the Power Station and Arcadia, he learnt to be wary of solo projects because it showed where the cracks were forming. By that reasoning Duran is saying 'one ticket to Splitsville' big time.

With the exception of Le Bon, all the members are currently involved in one or more outside projects. The length of time it has taken to get their new album (due March 25) out and their attention to these side projects seems to say they don't care any more. With the exception of Gusworld and Spanky, nobody else probably does either.

So what for the future? Well, JT intends to pursue his solo career as well as continuing with his 'other' band Neurotic Outsiders, but as his upcoming solo album reveals, he's a better bass player and songwriter than he is a singer. Meanwhile, Duran Duran without him is essentially Aracadia, and they weren't that popular in the first place.

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