Duran Duran Photo Gallery

A selection of photos taken of Duran during the 1990 Australian promo tour for Liberty (fat lot of good that did, then), courtesy of Gusworld stalwart Kerrie Murphy. We have cropped out the fans who were originally in these pics to avoid any sense of embarrassment they might feel at sudden international prominence. There are more of Nick than anyone else because he was the friendliest. No idea where Warren was.

John Taylor

"Surely my solo career will be bigger than this?"

Nick Rhodes

"Maybe I should join Blondie."

Simon Le Bon

"Am I a sex god or what?"

Sterling Campbell

"These guys need me more than I need them."

Nick Rhodes

"Sure you've got enough flash there?"

Nick Rhodes

"This is my special jacket."

Nick Rhodes

"They still have vinyl in this country?"

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