Is There Something I Should Scull?

The Duran Duran Drinking Game

Brought To You By Spanky The Naughty Little Monkey

Duran Duran: God knows I love them. Drinking: that's something I like too. Unfortunately, there has never been a way to combine the two. Until now. Gusworld is more than usually proud to present Is There Something I Should Scull?: The Duran Duran Drinking Game.

What you need

Something to drink: Alcoholic is good, but if you feel you can achieve the frenzied yelling required without the aid of alcohol, go for it. Some people may want to go the whole hog and drink Duran-related beverages, such as ultra-expensive authentic French champagne. However, if you can afford that, one would assume you have better things to do with your life than play stupid drinking games. Remember: many members of Duran don't drink anymore, so emulating them too much could be dangerous.

Some friends: Duran-tolerant ones would be best, but it's amazing what the promise of alcohol can do to someone's opinion.

Some Duran Duran videos: especially from the 1980-1985 period. For this I recommend Decade or the Video Album (which has, naturally, been deleted).

The DD drinking game follows the same principle as many drinking games: you down a shot (or ten) when a certain event occurs. Feel free to vary the rules if you like. Do whatever you want, see if I care. However, it is important to yell the name of whatever you've spotted as loudly as possible in order to get the mood happening. Anyway: Fill your glass and get to it.

MEDICAL WARNING FROM SPANKY: Watching the 'Save A Prayer' video will probably leave you comatose; the risk and the stains are yours and yours alone.

The rules

Whenever you spot one of the following, drink the prescribed dose:

If you think there isn't enough here to get you out of your head quickly enough, feel free to email us some more suggestions.

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