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"Unfortunately, she also had the temperament of a serial killer."

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Genre: Telemovie
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TAGLINE: He thought he'd found the perfect woman . . . but now he can't be found.

STARS: Patty Duke, Kelly Rowan, Robert Floyd

THINK: Sleeping With The Enemy meets Dating The Enemy

PREDICTABILITY: 10/10 (if you look at the cover); 6/10 (if you don't)

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The Disappearing Act

THE BOX SAYS: BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS Recently engaged to Carolyn and seemingly happy, Tim feels he's met the girls of his dreams . . . beauty, brains and wealth. But there's a darker side to Carolyn . . . a vicious and uncontrollable temper. Taking an opportunity to work out of town gives Tim time to consider his passionate yet volatile and destructive relationship with Carolyn. But something or someone has intervened . . . he's been missing for several weeks. His mother now fears the worst and visits Carolyn, hoping that together they'll be able to find her son. She soon realises that Carolyn is strangely calm about Tim's disappearance as the grisly truth unfolds.

YUPPY MANTALK SAYS: If you're going to make a movie where someone's mysterious disappearance is the main thrust of the plot, it helps if you don't have a picture of them with a knife in their back on the cover. Kelly Rowan's 'I'm a complete psycho bitch act' doesn't aid matters much either. Nor does the fact that her evil, conniving mother has a Pauline Hanson hairdo.

On the plus side, Patty Duke appears to have attended the William Shatner school of acting. By far the worst actor is Tim's father, played by someone we can't remember, who has a minor but badly acted role. We'd like to describe the film's bravery in tackling the not-very-often-discussed issue of husband-beating as commendable, but it comes across as rather lame-assed.

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