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Betrayal video cover
aka A Father's Betrayal
aka Indefensible: The Truth About Edward Brannigan
Genre: Telemovie
IMDB entry

TAGLINE: He always saw himself in his father's eyes. Until he saw his father through her eyes.

STARS: Brian Dennehy, Lynn Redgrave, Reed Diamond, Alice Krige

THINK: Presumed Innocent meets Music Box


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THE BOX SAYS: Highly respected attorney Ed Brannigan is accused of raping Rebecca, a family friend. Ed Jnr., estranged from his father for most of his childhood has only recently mended that relationship and joined his father's law firm. Torn between his long term friendship with Rebecca and his disbelief that his father is capable of such deplorable behaviour, Ed supports his father. As the case developes a number of disturbing aspects of his father's life are uncovered . . . guilty, or not guilty?

YUPPY MANTALK SAYS: This is a dark, disturbing movie. It's dark principally because the lighting director appeared to have no idea what he was doing; no wonder no-one can decide if a rape has taken place or not, they're lucky if they can see six inches in front of their face. It's disturbing for a number of reasons:

(1) how could anyone ever believe that someone would willingly have sex with Brian Dennehy (who stars, directs and executive produces)?;

(2) the surprise denouement is total bollocks;

(3) like far too many DTV titles, all the essential plot details are right there on the cover. It takes 30 minutes for the rape charge to get filed, and 50 minutes for those 'disturbing details' to get uncovered, but we're already somewhat forewarned.

These details aside, this is your stock standard 'No means no' anti-rape movie, which the US telemovie system appears to churn out like used Kleenexes. Co-star Reed Diamond looks disturbingly like Emilio Estevez. Read into that what you will.

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