About Media Blotch

Gusworld has had a long and abiding interest in tracking stupidity in the media. Earlier efforts have included Share A Secret Reviewed (which looked at part of Woman's Day), Good Living Cheese Watch (which checked out the strange obsession with cheese at the Sydney Morning Herald) and the continuing Dumb Quotes From Pageant Life. Media Blotch is, however, the most ambitious attempt so far by Gusworld to look at recurring patterns in Australia's top-selling weekly magazines (or "trash", as we affectionately refer to them).

While we will offer a weekly comment on the key trends affecting all trash mags, there seems little point in reliving all the gossip from these titles, since it's normally old news in Net terms by the time it hits print. So we're going to concentrate on the meat and potatoes material: the regular columns with which the bulk of these titles are filled. In particular, we want to address the following questions:

We will start by planning to publish this summary every Wednesday, and see how we go. In accordance with standard Gusworld policy, all material will be archived.

Incidentally, we recognise that we are only offering partial coverage of trash titles at this point in time: in particular, we're not looking at The Australian Women's Weekly, TV Week or That's Life. For the moment, we've excluded the first because it's monthly, the second because it has no regular sections worth reading, and the third because it is patently dumb and has no celebrity features. We may, however, revise this policy in the future.

Now that you know all about Media Blotch, you can check out the current issue by clicking here.