General Observations On Trashy Publications

For the week beginning October 6, 1997

New Idea has a much busier cover than usual this week, with no less than eight stories crammed onto the cover. Perhaps this is designed to cover up the fact that they are the first to return to the unsourced stories which were the staple of all these magazines until the death of a certain princess a few weeks ago. Of the four key celebrity stories on the cover, not one appears to actually have involved talking to the person who it is about. Doubtless the other titles will soon follow.

Di and her relatives remain core cover topics, dominating Who (which has licensed Andrew Morton's book) and popping up on every title except New Weekly (which leads with Elton John, which is essentially the same thing). The only other constant is Kimberley Davies, who has her wedding photos in Woman's Day and her gift list in New Idea. We hope something interesting happens soon.