General Observations On Trashy Publications

For the week beginning September 22, 1997

Our prediction last week that Who would be the first not to have Diana on the cover was more or less correct. Since it's the magazine's 'Best & Worst Dressed' special, though, and Diana rates a special mention, she's not exactly disappeared (and there's plenty of 'Di is dead' coverage inside). New Idea's cover image is of Fergie, but it's still a Di story, and there's an extra 'Aussie journalist reveals: My friendship with Diana' to make sure the masses aren't disenfranchised. Woman's Day wheels out Di's herbal therapist for another round of revelations, while New Weekly examines every conspiracy theory it can lay its hands on, producing what is without a doubt the most original angle of the bunch. Tasteful no, original yes.

What's equally notable is how unsourced tabloid stories of a non-royal variety are still being avoided for the most part. The only cover story from any of the four titles that doesn't involve actual, sourced comment is the aforementioned Di conspiracy tale, which is carefully written to dispel any notions of accuracy. How long, we wonder, can it last?