General Observations On Trashy Publications

For the week beginning September 15, 1997

Not since Dannii got her norgs expanded has one person managed to be on the cover of four magazines at once, and for more than a single week at that. It will be interesting to see which is the first to break with the compulsory Diana trend; Who would seem like the most obvious bet. Since practically everything that could ever be said on the topic has been said by now, large pictures are a compulsory feature. It's the long-term influence on these titles of the Di affair that will actually be more interesting. As we've already noted, New Weekly has been forced to change the title of its 'Paparazzi with Attitude' section, and its path towards being a cheap Who clone continues with the coverline '25 Most Loved People Of Our Time'. (Clue: if you're not dead, you won't qualify, which must be miffing the Queen Mum a bit.) Both New Idea and Woman's Day are devoting their pages to hagiographic pieces; one of the prime beneficiaries is Dodi Al-Fayed, who has gone from "playboy" to "kind and gentle" in the space of three weeks and three deaths.