General Observations On Trashy Publications

For the week beginning August 25, 1997

Firstly, our apologies for Media Blotch's own break from the spotlight. It's been one of those months, y'know? During our absence, the Di and Dodi story has become part of the tabloid backbone, and its effects are still being felt. Woman's Day leads with details of Brooke Shields' earlier romance with Dodi, New Weekly tarts up a Vanity Fair portfolio with Dodi comments, and New Idea offers a chance to win Di's swimsuit. Hmmm. Who restricts itself to a brief mention of the court action launched by another Dodi ex, Kelly Fisher.

That aside, there's not much in common across the four titles. A slap across the wrist for New Idea, which fails to mention two of its best (if patently untrue) stories on the cover: apparently, Jacko and Lisa-Marie are getting married again and JFK was a bigamist. Gotta deserve some kind of front cover prominence. Making a possibly unwelcome return to cover status is our Livvy (aka Newton-John), with Woman's Day shrieking "Olivia's family spy DRAMA". Isn't one, of course.