General Observations On Trashy Publications

For the week beginning August 4, 1997

Things are back to normal. Woman's Day has saucy and scandalous cover lines (in this instance 'Princess Di snubs the Kennedys'), while New Idea goes for out and out PR babble with 'Heather's Diet Secrets'. The real oddity is New Weekly, which has a cover quote that sounds like it's been lifted wholesale from Who: "Police close the net on the tiny beauty queen's killer in the week of her 7th birthday." Who itself has Julia Roberts on the cover, which probably means they couldn't find a Thredbo pic that they were happy to run.

Another almost-never-seen event is buried on page 77 of New Idea. Under the headline 'So Sorry', the magazine acknowledges two factual errors in a recent story about Kate Fischer, including getting the name of the main interview subject (Kate's father) entirely wrong. Now trash mags print incorrect statements all the time, but it's very rare for them to acknowledge the fact. Maybe the fact that Demi and Bruce recently sued is making them nervous.