General Observations On Trashy Publications

For the week beginning July 7, 1997

It's a rare, rare week when New Idea has better cover lines than Woman's Day, but this is definitely one of those weeks. Woman's Day succumbs to an all-Aussie, all-PR cover, and the results aren't pretty. We get Nicky Buckley's $15,000 baby pics, Lisa McCune's beauty secrets, and a heap of gumpf about Julian McMahon. By contrast, New Idea manages to get in stories about Demi's bulimia and how Lisa Marie is really the father of Jacko's baby. This is the stuff we buy trash mags for.

There's virtually nothing in common between the four titles this week, since no celebrity did anything especially compelling. The only major popular element is a topless picture of Rachel Hunter, which everyone seems to have purchased, but no-one can be bothered running a full page on.

Anyone who has seen the current issue of Who, which features a picture of Kate Fischer in a wedding dress along with the headline 'How to marry a billionaire', might have assumed that the Cleavage Queen of Tack had actually gone so far as to pose for a non-ACP title. In fact, it's an archive shot from last year. It just goes to show the advantages of keeping a good picture library.