General Observations On Trashy Publications

For the week beginning June 30, 1997

Firstly, an update. When we commented last week that Sam Newman was a risky person to feature on the cover of Woman's Day and that Elle would be a better choice for a national audience, we didn't realise that the magazine actually can feature different covers in different states. It turns out that while the Victorian edition (which Gusworld bought) had Sam as the lead, the NSW version (which we didn't see until we did our grocery shopping on Sunday) actually highlighted Elle and George. So there you go.

No single story dominates this week's coverage, although both Woman's Day and New Idea featured non-stories about Di's arrival in New York. The latter's cover celebrity count is well down, with a novel, a "real life terror" story and a "why she's after your man" article. Must have been a very slow week.

Who is on one of its annual theme issues: this time it's the weddings one. This means lots of shots that were sold to other magazines for bigger sums a few months ago, and a petulant roundup of weddings the mag didn't manage to get photos of.

We know that all the celebrity stories in these titles are made up, but sometimes it seems that no-one is going to any trouble at all in this regard. A story about Brooke Shields' pregnancy attributes the following quote to Mr Shields aka Andre Agassi:

You're having a baby! Fantastic -- it's the news I've been waiting to hear!

No-one speaks like that, least of all a tennis player.