General Observations On Trashy Publications

For the week beginning June 23, 1997

Naturally, the one story that none of the magazines can afford to miss out on is the break-up of Brad and Gwyneth. All four trashies managed to get the story on the cover, and both Who and New Idea actually used the same picture (from March this year) for their stories. Of course, no-one at any of the four publications managed to actually get a post-breakup quote from any of the parties involved.

That aside, there's not much in common across the four titles. Woman's Day takes a big risk by putting Sam Newman on the cover; even if his girlfriend did run him over, he's still essentially a Victorian celebrity (I'd never heard of him until I spent a week's holiday in Melbourne, where he seemed strangely inescapable). We'd have counselled using the story where Elle says George Clooney's girlfriend is a bitch as the main cover lead instead; time will tell. Proving that Channel Nine celebrities can go on the cover of non-PBL publications, New Idea leads with Jo Beth Taylor saying nothing much.