Gusworld's Muppet Race Mania Guide: Trivia

Still haven't got enough Race Mania trivia? OK, here's some really obscure facts:

    Lew Zealand
  • The interim loading screens which highlight individual Muppets against a chequered flag background feature most of the available Muppet racers. Although Bean, Johnny and Sal are missing, for some reason Camilla (Gonzo's favourite chicken), who doesn't appear as a racer at all, is featured, as are Statler and Waldford. The Traveller's Tales site also includes an image of Lew Zealand (right) which didn't make it into the final game.

  • If you win the race, Statler and Waldorf will regale you with one of the following sarcastic comments. Why there's seven of them, I don't know, but if you play repeatedly, they come up in this order:
      "They say that the best driver wins the race." "Really? Then we'd better stay off the streets."
      "I love a good race." "You do?" "Too bad this wasn't one of them!"
      "Do you know what the best part of winning the race is?" "No, what?" "It's finally over!"
      "Congratuations, you've won the race." "Now maybe you'll do something useful with your life."
      "You win! Here's your trophy." "Now go home, leave us alone."
      "Look, we have a winner!" "A what?" "A winner." "Was there a race?"
      "You're a real winner." "You're being awfully nice." "Oh sorry, I meant whiner."

  • The memory card load and save screens feature five images, each of which is taken from Muppets From Space and which has been modified by adding images (fairly poorly drawn, it must be said) of PlayStation memory cards. The five images show Bunsen and Kermit; a closeup of Kermit; a closeup of Beaker; a group shot with Pepe, Fozzie, Animal, Kermit, Bunsen and Beaker; and a similar shot with Pepe preparing to make an exit.

  • To judge from the graphics on the Traveller's Tales site, the game was planned at one point to default to five-round races rather than three. Some of the graphics for weapons are also different in these screen shots, and many feature night lighting on races which are held in daylight in the final version.


  • This shot of the Theatre level (used in the official Shockwave promo for the game) bears almost no resemblance to the final version. It also demonstrates an earlier attempt at the boost meter; this version (rather than the flask which was actually used) can also be seen in the game manual.

  • The graphic featured at the top of this page (which debuted in animated form on the official site) includes seven of the eight racers available when a new game is begun. For some reason, Rowlf has yet again been excluded.

  • The comments for Bobo, the Swedish Chef and Pepe appear to have been recorded very much on the fly; there's an awful lot of audible microphone hum. One would suspect this meant Bill Barretta was forced to record over a phone or something, but there's no such problem with Rowlf or Johnny Fiamma.

  • Most of the Muppets have two different comments recorded for the 'Meet The Muppets' screen, but for some reason Animal, Zoot, Pepe, Bobo and Sal only have one each.

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