Gusworld's Muppet Race Mania Guide: Manual

The manual which comes with Muppet Race Mania is full of attempts at whacky Muppet humour, but is actually a bit confusing if you want to actually play the game. Recognising this, the game's official site included a more straightforward summary of how to play, which is reproduced below:


Like any good racing game, Muppet Racemania is-that's right, you guessed it!-a race! Pick a car and driver and beat your opponents to the finish line! But it ain't gonna be easy! Your opponents will be throwing penguins, fish, bombs and (oh the horror!) chickens at you to slow you down. Luckily, pick up the stars along the way, and you can return the favor. You'll also want to eat plenty of fruit along the way. See that gauge in the upper right hand corner? That measures your boost power-the higher the meter, the more boost power you've got when you press the R1 button (see controls below). If the meter rises all the way to the top, you can either use the Mega-Boost to jet ahead of your opponents, or use your character's unique special move to slow everyone else down.

Here are your basic controls for racing:

* · X: Accelerate

* · Square: Jump

* · Circle: Brake

* · Triangle: N/A

* · L1: Fires weapon #1 (the powerup showing on top in the upper left-hand corner of the screen)

* · L2: Fires weapon #2 (the powerup showing on the bottom in the upper left- hand corner of the screen)

* · R1: Uses boost or activates Mega-Boost (when available)

* · R2: Activates character special move (when available)


Current pickups are displayed in the top left of the screen. Current race position is displayed in the top centre of the screen. Current boost level is displayed in the top right of the screen. Lap number and timing is displayed in the bottom left of the screen. There is a map in the bottom right of the screen (except stunt mode). On the map the player is shown as the larger arrow and the other characters are shown as an arrow the same color as their character, i.e. Kermit appears as a green arrow.


Muppet Racemania features four manic modes of Muppet racing:

* Race

* Battle

* Adventure

* Stunt


Each movie features two race tracks. Unlock the second course of each movie by being the first to zoom past the competition in the first course in either a single race or when participating in a tournament.


It's as plain as the beak on Sam's face! In Battle Mode, take out the other players in a destruction derby devoid of détente! It's an all-out battle where the last Muppet standing (or driving!) wins. Use weapons, jumps and accelerate to ramming speed to knock out your opponents!


Each track (12 race courses, 6 battle courses, 6 stunt courses in all!) has an adventure mode. Complete the numerous tasks and solve puzzles to complete the adventure mode and unlock extra features, courses and characters. Each course has its own unique challenges using the following consistent elements:

* Food: Collect all of the boost fruit within the allotted time.

* Stars: Collect all of the stars within the allotted time.

* Movie: Find the movie slate hidden on the course.

* Tokens: Collect the ten tokens within the allotted time. These are hidden around each course (some behind exploding doors etc) and are course specific, i.e. Dock-Anchors, Central Park-Newspapers etc.

* Doozer: On each course there is a Doozer, the player must get the Doozer to the Doozer warp point. In order to do this the player must solve the simple puzzles. There are also a number of tasks that must be completed, however they are not on every circuit.

* Boss: On battle courses the player must unlock the boss… then defeat him!

* Muppet: Most courses have a secret character hidden somewhere. The player must find the Muppet (visible on map) and then beat him in a race or battle. When you do, that Muppet will become selectable in the main menu.


In stunt mode, race to the end of each course as quickly as possible by navigating the various puzzles and obstructions in your way. Driving fast isn't usually the way to make it through quickly! Careful timing of jumps and finding the shortest routes are the keys to success!


In addition to four basic race groups (that's a food joke, folks!), additional modes can be unlocked with some radical racing on your part!


Unlock this special mode where battle rules apply to your favorite racing course!


When tournament mode is unlocked, players can race either in League A, League B or Random Tournament. League A is the first course of each movie played in order, League B is the second course of each movie played in order. Random is GUESS!

Tournament Point Scoring System

In a race tournament points are awarded as follows:

# For finishing 1st, 2nd,or 3rd, three, two and one point(s) are awarded respectively.

# One can also receive a point for the fastest start-in the event of a tie, both players receive this point.

# The racer with the fastest lap also scores an additional point-in the event of a tie, both players receive this point.

# The player who has scored the most hits against opponents in a race scores an additional point-in the event of a tie the player with least hits against gets the point.

After the last race in a tournament, the players compete in the Oval course, after which, the top three winners will be announced. In the event of a tie at the end of 6 races, the tied players will compete in a race-off around the circuit-there are no points up for grabs and the winner takes all.


Battle others in League A, League B or Random Tournament races!

# In a battle tournament points are awarded as follows:

# For the top three racers surviving the longest in battle, three, two and one point(s) are awarded.

# The player inflicting the most damage in a single collision scores a point.

# Also, one point is awared for the most damage inflicted overall.

# A point is awarded for the most knockouts-no ties!

After a battle tournament, the players go to the Arches course, after which, the top three winners are announced. In the event of a tie, the tied players have a "battle-off," where the winner takes all!


Watch this space for even more racing and battle modes hidden in Muppet Racemania!



At the start of a race, four Playstation pad buttons appear on screen. Press the highlighted buttons in order to rev up your turbo start. An incorrect button press will knock your start boost down by one point. A correct press will give a point or two depending on the speed at which you react. The other Muppets receive a random amount of boost which varies between 0 and the player's current best. Once a player has raced a few courses, the other Muppets will learn better boost along with you, gradually making it harder to obtain the best start! Better keep on your toes-and keep your toes on the accelerator pedal!


As you race, collecting a star will award you with one of the following:

# Fish icon - a Fish missile that, once fired, will travel straight until it explodes upon contact with either a wall or character.

# Chicken icon - This chicken will chase other drivers around the track, homing in slightly.

# Bomb icon - A beautiful bouncing bomb! This bounces around the course until it either strikes another car or explodes on its own.

# Penguin icon - This perky penguin pickup acts as a mine. It will sit quietly in place until someone drives into it. And then, it's time for the penguin in your video game to explode.

The various items of fruit and vegetables lying around the courses will increase the player boost level. In order to use the mega boost or special move, the player needs to fill their boost meter. Once full the icon will flash.


Each special move acts like a smart bomb, affecting everyone except the player. The only time that a player is immune to a special move is when they are mid-mega boost. Though all special moves are different they all basically stop the opposition players for a short time (5 seconds) enabling the player that used the special move to catch up or cement their lead. When activating a special move, the player is credited with a hit for each player the special move affects.


In the beginning, players will only be able to use the vehicles assigned to each character, such as Animal in his Dragster. As you play, you can unlock the ability to drive in the other vehicles! These vehicles can then be selected as you enter a race, and also in the test drive area.

Initially there are only 8 characters available for selection. However the remaining characters are hidden in the various courses and must be found in Adventure mode. If encountered on a race or battle course, the player must race or battle against the character they have found. Those hidden in stunt courses are simply collected since they are more difficult to reach.


This shows exactly what the player has or has not unlocked in the game. When a full 100% of the game is complete, a star will appear for every course. A mark is awarded for completing the main objectives for each course, including unlocking each new character, collecting all the tokens and pickups required and unlocking all the secrets.

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