Gusworld's Muppet Race Mania Guide: Links

This isn't an exhaustive list of every site which mentions Muppet Race Mania (that's what Google is for), but it does cover the main destinations (many now deceased):

  • was the official site for Muppet Race Mania (the URL is promoted within the game). However, the domain expired in August 2004 and Henson Interactive doesn't seem to have made any effort to renew it. Most of the useful information on the site has been incorporated into this guide.

  • The page on the official PlayStation site devoted to the game has also now disappeared.


  • The site for Traveller's Tales, which developed Muppet Race Mania, includes a section with lots of interesting graphics outlining the original development of the game.

  • Most of the contemporary reviews of the game were quite positive, but I haven't got the energy to dig up all the URLs right now. Muppet fans (as distinct from gaming obsessives) will probably enjoy the review at Muppet Central.

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