Gusworld's Muppet Race Mania Guide: Cheat Codes

Don't have the time or energy to master every course with every Muppet racer? The following cheat codes will speed you on your way. Each of these codes should be entered from the main title screen; press START after the code has been entered.

Access all 24 tracks: Circle-Triangle-Cross-Circle-Triangle-Cross-Cricle-Triangle-Square-Cross

Access all Muppets and vehicles: Triangle-Circle-Triangle-Square-Triangle-Cross-Triangle-Triangle-Cross-Circle

Access Studio track: Square-Square-Circle-Circle-Cross-Circle-Triangle-Circle-Triangle-Square

Access Arches track: Square-Circle-Cross-Circle-Square-Triangle-Circle-Cross-Circle-Triangle

Access Fraggle track: Cross-Square-Cross-Square-Cross-Square-Triangle-Circle-Cross-Square

Access game ending and other bonus tracks: Circle-Triangle-Square-Triangle-Cross-Triangle-Square-Circle-Triangle-Cross

Reset machine: Triangle-Cross-Circle-Cross-Square-Square-Cross-Circle-Cross-Triangle

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