Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue

By day, she is Dannii Minogue, well known TV presenter, actress, successful singer and all-round Minogue. When danger threatens, though, she is transformed into Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue, a mega super-heroine with a strange fondness for tight vinyl costumes and mood lighting. And now you can read about her adventures exclusively on Gusworld.

Park Panic

As the final notes of 'Baby Love' faded on her Walkman, Dannii sat down beneath a tree and sighed contentedly. It was great to get a day off from Grease - The Arena Spectacular and relax in the local park. She'd already had to stop and give autographs to three of the rollerbladers, but Dannii would do anything for her fans.

Dannii sat down and began picking the leaves from her leather miniskirt with practiced skill. It was as she was removing a pine cone from a particularly delicate location that she was alerted by a sound. Was that a scream coming from the rotunda?

"Danger threatens," she said to herself. "I must transform myself into Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue." Using her secret mystical powers and reciting the magic words 'This Is It' under her breath, she span around in circles and transformed herself into the vinyl-clad super-heroine.

In one swift movement, she had dashed across the park and ran towards the rotunda. A young hoodlum with a punk haircut was stealing the handbag from a defenceless little old lady. She recognised the hoodlum as 'Handbag Harry', a well-known criminal who made easy prey of incontinent old women. Dannii instantly sprang into action.

Slam! A single, devastating kick, rather like the one she'd experienced when her UK label dropped her, sent Harry crashing to the ground. Gripped by a sudden wave of insanity, Dannii kept kicking until there was blood spattered everywhere, including all over the now hysterical senior citzen. Pausing only to extricate the handbag from the man's arms, Dannii raced back behind a tree.

Completely traumatised by the violence she had witnessed, the old lady found herself committed to a mental home by dinner time. Little did she know that Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue had saved the streets from crime once more.

Her task accomplished, Dannii sighed contentedly. "Another Success!" she said to herself, as she relaxed in the afternoon sun.

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