Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue

By day, she is Dannii Minogue, well known TV presenter, actress, successful singer and all-round Minogue. When danger threatens, though, she is transformed into Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue, a mega super-heroine with a strange fondness for tight vinyl costumes and mood lighting. And now you can read about her adventures exclusively on Gusworld.

Helicopter Hijinks

As the final notes of 'All I Wanna Do' echoed around the gigantic Manchester stadium, Dannii raced to the helipad where her personal helicopter was waiting and sighed contentedly. It had been a great performance as part of a gala charity concert to raise money for Cliff Richard's sanity. In order to ensure she'd be back at her apartment in time for yet another date with her hunky photographer boyfriend Steve, she'd had to purchase the helicopter specially, but Dannii would do anything for her fans.

As the copter ascended, Dannii sat in the back seat and began removing her makeup with practised skill. A sudden jerk which nearly caused her to shove her Poppy King lipstick up her left nostril made her jolt. Was that a scream coming from the front of the copter?

"Danger threatens," she said to herself. "I must transform myself into Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue." Using her secret mystical powers and reciting the magic words 'This Is It' under her breath, she span around in circles (no mean feat in the back of a flying vehicle) and transformed herself into the vinyl-clad super-heroine.

In one swift movement, she looked into the front seat. A young hoodlum with a punk haircut was attempting to wrestle control of the helicopter from her faithful pilot Julian. Dannii recognised him as 'Helicopter Herman', a well-known hijacker who stole prestige aircraft and sold them on the black market. Dannii instantly sprang into action.

Crunch! A strategically aimed left elbow jab, which she'd also found useful when selecting a manager, sent Herman reeling. With a second vicious kick, Dannii sent him crashing through the side of the helicopter, where he instantly plumetted to his death. Pausing only to ensure that one of her saline implants hadn't burst, Dannii jumped back into the rear of the copter.

Julian regained consciousness a few seconds later and averted a potential aviation tragedy, while a convenient bout of amnesia prevented him from remembering the incidents of just a few moments ago. Little did he know that Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue had saved the streets from crime once more.

With her thighs sticking to the copter's vinyl seat, Dannii sighed contentedly. "Another Success!" she said to herself, as she continued removing her makeup.

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