Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue

By day, she is Dannii Minogue, well known TV presenter, actress, successful singer and all-round Minogue. When danger threatens, though, she is transformed into Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue, a mega super-heroine with a strange fondness for tight vinyl costumes and mood lighting. And now you can read about her adventures exclusively on Gusworld.

Mächtiges Morphin ' Dannii Minogue

Thanks to the wonders of Alta Vista's translation service, we're proud to present a unique Dannii adventure. We took the recent story Park Panic, translated it into German, and then translated it back into English. This is the result.


While the concluding remarks verb-let ' the baby love ' on their Walkman, Dannii sat itself under a tree and sighed contentedly. It was largely, one day away from the fat too received - the great arena and in the local park to relax. It became had autographs to three the roll hereditary loader to already stop and give, but Dannii would do everything for it to fans.

Dannii sat itself and began to select the pages of its leather miniskirt with experienced ability. It was, while it deleted a Kieferkegel of a particularly sensitive location that it was alarmed by a tone. Was that a Scream, which comes from the circular building?

" danger threatened, " said it too " I must into powerful morphine ' Dannii Minogue me convert ", with its secret mystical energies and the magic words reciting ', this is it ' under their breath, spans it around in the sets and into the Vinyl plated super heroine converted.

In a fast motion it had broken over the park and ran toward to the circular building. A young Strolch with one punkhaarschnitt stole the handbag of one defenceless from small old lady. It detected the Strolch as ' handbag Harry ', a far away well-known criminal, who incontinent simple victim of old women formed. Dannii rose immediately into an act.

Bang! An individual, devastating impact, rather like that was sent it experienced, when its BRITISH header dropped it, to Harry, which aborts to soil. Accessed by a sudden wave of the mental disorder, Dannii held, until there was the blood everywhere, which spattered is, inclusively to step quite over that now hysterical older one citzen. Pausierend only to extricate, ran the handbag from the levers of the man, Dannii back behind a tree.

Completely traumatised by the act of violence, it, which had witnessed old lady, was determined at a spirit house up to dinner time. Little knew it that powerful morphine ' Dannii Minogue had the roads of the crime again secured.

Its completed function, Dannii sighed contentedly. " another success! ", it assured, since it relaxed in the afternoon sun.

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