Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue

By day, she is Dannii Minogue, well known TV presenter, actress, successful singer and all-round Minogue. When danger threatens, though, she is transformed into Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue, a mega super-heroine with a strange fondness for tight vinyl costumes and mood lighting. And now you can read about her adventures exclusively on Gusworld.

Aerobic Action

As the final notes of 'Everybody Changes Underwater' echoed around the gym, Dannii rolled up her exercise mat and sighed contentedly. It had been a great high-impact aerobics class. When Clint, a local gym manager and one of her biggest admirers, had offered Dannii a free membership to keep her recently enhanced body in top condition, she'd been both surprised and thrilled. Shewas still paying membership fees at another gym as well, but Dannii would do anything for her fans.

Dannii returned to the change room and began removing her gym gear with practised skill. It was as she was trying to dislocate her Lycra bike shorts where they'd got caught between her legs. Was that a scream coming from the aerobics room?

"Danger threatens," she said to herself. "I must transform myself into Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue." Using her secret mystical powers and reciting the magic words 'This Is It' under her breath, she span around in circles and transformed herself into the vinyl-clad super-heroine.

In one swift movement, she left the room and ducked into the aerobics room. A young hoodlum with a punk haircut and wearing a jogging outfit was viciously kicking Clint around the body and head. Dannii recognised him as 'Jogger John', a well-known lunatic who'd been terrorising local businesspeople. Calls for his flogging had become commonplace in the local papers. Dannii instantly sprang into action.

Whacko! Kaboom! Her double-footed backwards jumping jack, enhanced by years of experience in fighting off photographers, sent John crashing through the glass wall that lined one side of the room. Trapped in a gigantic pile of glass and bleeding like a pig, he was a goner. Pausing only to ensure that she hadn't damaged her air Nikes, Dannii fled the scene, leaving Clint clutching his badly bruised testicles. Little did he know that Mighty Morphin' Dannii Minogue had saved the streets from crime once more.

Back in the change room, Dannii sighed contentedly. "Another Success!" she said to herself, as she continued removing her makeup.

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