Horror High

Book 8: Final Curtain

Jan will die if she doesn't get the lead . . .

. . . or maybe she'll die if she does.

Jan Matthis has a leading role in the school production of Dracula. It's a dream role, especially since the cutest boy in school, Philip Devereaux, is playing the Count. He's a natural for the part -- almost too natural. Philip's dedication is starting to make Jan uneasy. It's almost as if he really believes he's a vampire. When a teacher is found dying, drained of blood, Jan fears her dream is about to become a nightmare.

First published:
June 1991
Chapters: 16
Pages: 156
Copies sold: 4
PLOT SUMMARY: Jan Matthis is the new girl at Cresswell High, poor and from a single-parent family. When she auditions for the Drama Club's production of Dracula, she fails to get the lead female role of Mina, which is won by Alyssa Perry, the rich spoilt blonde bimbo, despite Alyssa having all the acting ability of a tissue box. Still, Alyssa's boyfriend Philip Devereaux, who plays the Count, seems to be showing a lot of interest in Jan. Not even Frank Donenfield, the moody guy with a criminal past, can convince her of Philip's real motives: to summon vampires and join their bloodthirsty coven.

BODY COUNT: 2 (plus a failed electrocution/strangulation)

MOST AMUSING DEATH: "The scuffle lasted only a moment, the outcome inevitable; the tall figure was so much stronger than the girl in white. I saw a cold flash of metal. Alyssa shrieked with a high, bubbly sound, and lunged again -- then Philip lifted his hands and stepped back.
I saw Alyssa hit the rail, scrabble at it with her hands, then go over. A long sickening moment, then the hard thud as she hit the stage."

MOST EMBARRASSING DIALOGUE: "Philip was certainly strong, and he probably knew how to fight, but he hadn't been on the streets for seven years, learning every dirty trick there was in order to survive."

MOST EMBARRASSING OUTFIT: We didn't find any specific references, but how good could a Dracula costume look?


UNREALISTIC POLICE BEHAVIOUR: The police keep holding Frank over for questioning just because in his past he was sent to reform school for stealing cars.

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