Horror High

Book 7: Pep Rally

Cathy would kill to be a cheerleader . . .

. . . really kill.

Cathy Atmore has always dreamed of being on the Cresswell High cheerleading squad. But she's never been popular enough or pretty enough. She hates being on the outside, looking in. Now the members of the cheerleading squad are being killed one by one . . . Has Cathy's jealousy driven her over the edge?

First published:
April 1991
Chapters: 15
Pages: 155
Copies sold: 4
PLOT SUMMARY: When nerdy Cathy Atmore's best friend Jennie Brodie, who socialises with Cathy despite being 'popular', is found dead, Cathy discovers a seedy drug dyndicate called the Booster Club that is jointly run by the school's hacker club and most popular students. Despite the back cover suggesting that Cathy herself is the murderer (unlikely, given that she's the main character), Jennie's agressive police-hating boyfriend Don Faulman appears to be the main suspect, until he is is killed not long after Jennie. It is in fact the Booster Club, led by the mysterious Booster Boss Henry O'Toole, who are responsible.


MOST AMUSING DEATH: "Police were suddenly all over the scene, handcuffing all the Boosters. Henry was lying on the ground next to Bill and Cath. His breath came in harsh gasps. "Aren't I the lucky one?" he said, coughing. "They're going to serve Breaded Veal Cutlet tomorrow at school, but I won't have to eat it."
Then his body was racked by spasms and he vomited blood, thick and dark like coffee grounds. He gasped again and lay still."

MOST EMBARRASSING DIALOGUE: "It's really neat," Todd said "When you're throat's cut, and you try to scream, nothing comes out -- nothing but blood, that is."

MOST EMBARRASSING OUTFIT: "He was a picture of nerdiness, a nerd's nerd, from the heavy black glasses and pocket pencil holder to the calculator and the high-water pants over white socks."

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading, and the hacker's club

UNREALISTIC POLICE BEHAVIOUR: The police accuse Cathy of committing the crime despite no real evidence, culminating in the belief that she must be the murderer because she wagged school, despite the fact that she may have been a little upset over the murder of her best friend.

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