Horror High

Book 5: Hard Rock

They hated each other enough to kill.

They need each other to survive.

Larry Hart and his girlfriend, Cathy, have formed a rock group, Heart of Steel, at Cresswell High School. Then Larry dumps Cathy for another girl, and Cathy vows revenge. But what had been intended as a prank results in death. Both Larry and Cathy blame each other. But as band members mysteriously disappear, they realize that someone else has a grudge a lot bigger than theirs. Can they put aside their differences long enough to save themselves?

First published:
March 1991
Chapters: 11
Pages: 156
Copies sold: 4
PLOT SUMMARY: When "loose offbeat punky" Cathy Malone decides to fulfil her dream as a mixer, she forms a band, Heart of Steel, using Cresswell students. Unfortunately, her boyfriend and drummer Larry Hart is more interested in coming on to slutty groupie neighbour Margo Rierdon. The band fires him, and quickly gets a touch of the Spinal Taps as every drummer they get dies. While initially suspecting Larry, she is forced to unite with him to solve the mystery. It turns out it was the singer, Wendy Coles, who, desparate for money and stardom, was killing the inferior drummers in the hope that Larry would come back, although Margo was killed planting a bomb under the stage.


MOST AMUSING DEATH: Electrocution via a high-hat stand.

MOST EMBARRASSING DIALOGUE: Cathy explaining 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner': "He got punished when he was on that ghost ship after everybody died. You know, 'water water everywhere and not a drop to drink'. That stuff. So now he's trying to warn everyone with all that stuff about 'He liveth best who loveth best' all the animals and stuff. He's telling everyone to show respect. That really ties in with today, doesn't it? I mean with all this environmental junk. Maybe we should listen so we don't end up like him and turn the planet into a ghost ship."

MOST EMBARRASSING OUTFIT: "Torn jeans, maroon tie-dyed T-shirt, leather vest, motorcycle boots and half-fingered leather gloves."


UNREALISTIC POLICE BEHAVIOUR: Apart from, of course, suspecting the wrong person, Sheriff Hagen forbids the band from playing in his jurisdiction.

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