Horror High

Book 3: Heartbreaker

First he loved them, then they died.

Did he love them too much?

Wayne Kadsen is girl crazy. He's dating five girls at once, convincing each girl that she's the only one. They're all different, and Wayne is having the time of his life -- until one of them is killed! Then another girlfriend is killed. Then another. The only thing they have in common is Wayne. Is Wayne a murderer, or is he the next victim in a murderer's very twisted plan?

First published:
January 1991
Chapters: 21
Pages: 154
Copies sold: 4
PLOT SUMMARY: Town sleazebag Wayne Kasden manages to sustain a relationship with five girls simultaneously -- Marcia Granhold, Sally Thornton, Carol Ledbetter, and the Kaylor twins, Melanie and Tiffany. The first half of the book reads like a teen romance, until Carol, Sally and Marcia all get murdered in quick succession, making 'Kaz' a prime suspect. Eventually, Tiffany is revealed as the killer, but as always, society is to blame, since it turns out she was abused by her father. Kaz ends up with Melanie, as you would.


MOST AMUSING DEATH: "At that moment, before the knife was thrust into her throat, she saw the flawless complexion and perfect features that were the envy of every girl at Cresswell High."

MOST EMBARRASSING DIALOGUE: "Okay, babe. You better not be out with another girl. I'll kill you if you are. Just kidding. I'd only maim you."

MOST EMBARRASSING OUTFIT: "He straightened the lapels of his cream-colored linen jacket, pushing up the sleeves on his forearm. Beneath the stylish coat he wore a bright blue T-shirt. Baggy gray gabardene trousers and tassled cordovan loafers rounded out his ensemble."


UNREALISTIC POLICE BEHAVIOUR: The police fail to track Kaz in a locked basement despite using sniffer dogs, and then immediately believe he's innocent once Tiffany's body washes up. Huh?

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