Horror High

Book 2: Resolved: You're Dead

The initiation was murder.

But the debate team could defend anything.

Lisa is thrilled when her boyfriend, Skip, makes the debate team -- until the initiation leads to his death. The other debaters convince her that it was just a tragic accident. Then a mysterious and horrible second incident convinces her that somebody on the debate team does more than talk. Now she must run for her life!

First published:
December 1990
Chapters: 20
Pages: 153
Copies sold: 4
PLOT SUMMARY: The Cresswell High debating team seems to be unbeatable, until its newest member Skip is killed in what appears to be a hazing accident. At first his girlfriend Lisa Enright suspects it's the rich sleazy team star Art Lawing, but when he ends up dead it turns out that there were two killers, both from the team: Bill Bolland killed for love, while Jeffrey Goodman killed for money.


MOST AMUSING DEATH: "But suddenly something had fallen over Art's head. He felt the rope tightening around his neck, his fingers groped at the noose, trying to rip it from his throat, but it was too late. He teetered on the board, desperately trying to free himself and keep his balance.
But the board fell out from beneath his feet. As he tumbled through the hole in the floor, the soft flesh of his stomach caught on a jagged protruding nail. The rusty point ripped across him, opening his torso.
Art hung from the ceiling with his entrails pouring onto the floor below."

MOST EMBARRASSING DIALOGUE: "You stupid girls. All you had to do was love me. Either one of you. But no. I wasn't good enough for you. You had to go for the rich kid and the hot shot sophomore."



UNREALISTIC POLICE BEHAVIOUR: Their overall incompetence, especially when they couldn't tell the difference between someone electrocuted by a radio underwater and someone struck by lightning.

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