Horror High

Book 1: Mr. Popularity

Every girl would die to date him . . .

. . . and some girls do.

For Cassie Arthur, dating Brad Forester was a dream come true. Brad was known as Mr. Popularity -- he was handsome, smart, and rich, and he drove around in a red 280ZX. What Cassie didn't know was that Brad heard voices -- voices that told him when to turn on the charm and voices that told him to get what he wanted, no matter what. By the time Cassie caught a glimpse of the panther Brad kept at his father's estate, she wanted out. But it was too late. Brad was used to getting what he wanted. And he wanted Cassie.

First published:
November 1990
Chapters: 15, plus prologue
Pages: 153
Copies sold: 4
PLOT SUMMARY: Despite being obscenely wealthy, all is not well for Brad Forester. At night, he roams the grounds of his parents' estate with his surprisingly well-trained panther, fighting the voices in his head and collapsing artisitically on the grave of murdered teenager Alice Gilbert. Cassie Arthur thinks he's hot potatoes, much to the disgust of Jake Taylor, who realises he's a few cereals short of a variety pack. When Brad shows Cassie his panther (this is not a euphemism), she realises the truth -- or does she? It turns out that the voices are Brad's pervert father, who is revealed as the murderer before being killed by the panther.

BODY COUNT: 3 (including Buffy the dog)

MOST AMUSING DEATH: "Blood poured onto the moist ground. Edward Forester gulped for air, but he no longer had a throat."

MOST EMBARRASSING DIALOGUE: "You hit Alice because she wouldn't give in to you. You were after her. She told me. You drove her away, Dad."

MOST EMBARRASSING OUTFIT: "She wore blue jeans, black pumps, and a peach and gray cotton blouse."

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: None, other than roaming around the grounds at night like a maniac.

UNREALISTIC POLICE BEHAVIOUR: The police take bribes from 15-year olds, are immediately convinced that Brad is innocent of any wrongdoing, accuse Cassie and Jake of being troublemakers, and then are even more immediately convinced that they are innocent once the shit really hits the fan.

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