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Gates to release outtakes of trial video

Unseen footage shows zillionaire's wacky side.

Sydney, 19th November, 1998 -- Bill Gates, chairman and CEO of Microsoft, yesterday announced that the company is gearing up to release a new tape of hilarious unseen footage that was cut from the recordings made as evidence for the ongoing DOJ antitrust case.

"Most of the questions that I got asked weren't all that exciting, frankly," said Gates. "Those DOJ attorneys just keep showing all the boring bits raving on about competition and business and all that baloney. But there's another side to this story. We thought the public deserved to see some of the funny things that happened "

Footage that is set for inclusion on the Gates Uncensored video, which is being released this month to catch the Christmas market and will retail for $US14.95, includes:

"Bill's always had a great sense of humour," said Microsoft VP Steve Ballmer. "One time when we were in college, he stayed up all night just so he could nail my door closed. But I was so involved in developing great software on my Altair, I didn't leave my room for a week anyway! We laughed about it for days afterwards."

Gates Uncensored will be released on both VHS and DVD formats, and is available from all Microsoft suppliers and leading video stores..


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