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Gates responds to Sun claims

"Bite me," says enraged zillionaire.

Sydney, 8th October, 1997 -- Bill Gates, chairman and CEO of Microsoft, told Sun Microsystems President, Scott McNealy, to bite him yesterday.

"Bite me," Gates said "Go on, I dare ya. You ain't got the guts ya fuckin' wanker. I can take you anytime."

Gates statments follow Sun's decision to sue Microsoft for allegedly violating the terms of its Java licence.

"Ooh taking me to court, that's so tough," sneered Gates "Run home to Mama like a big baby. You're nobody outside the courtroom, mate."

Gates then described Sun Microsystems as "as cool as syphillis" and made 'tough guy' hand movements last seen in the video to Michael Jackson's 'Bad'.

McNealy has issued a terse statement in response to accusations that he is a wuss. "I'm rubber and you're glue, what bounces off me sticks to you," he said.


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