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Apple investment was Zany Mix-up

Misunderstanding involving fruit caused deal.

Sydney, 2nd September, 1997 -- Microsoft Corporation today announced that its August 6 investment of $150 million in Apple non-voting stock was the result of a request by CEO and Chairman Bill Gates for a snack.

"I was in my office working through lunch, when Steve Ballmer stuck his head 'round the door and said 'I'm just going out for a bite, do you want anything?' I said, 'you can get me an apple'," Gates said. "I never got the apple, but a friend gave me one of those Orange Kit Kats so my hunger was satisfied and I didn't think any more about it. It was only when I got the bill for $150 million that I realised the mix up, because apples don't usually cost that much."

"Come to think of it, I did think it was a bit strange that I had to speak at MacWorld, but I thought it was something to do with McDonalds," he added.

Despite the confusion, the company will keep its investment. "Yeah, it's kind of cool owning Apple stock," said Gates. "The downside is it affects my plan to open a chain of restaurants called 'Planet Bill'".

The Planet Bill chain will feature computer memorabilia, such as an Altair and the first copy of Windows 1.0, as well as offering unnecessarily friendly staff and $15 burgers.


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