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Bill Gates to star in zany new sitcom

Off-the-wall show to feature jokes, puns and gags.

Sydney, 8th May, 1997 -- Microsoft Corporation today announced that CEO and chairman Bill Gates has signed to star in a new sitcom to be screened on NBC.

The sitcom, to be called Bill About The House will see the popular CEO play a bachelor who lives with two female flatmates, much to the dismay of Mr Roper, his cranky landlord downstairs. Bill must also fight off the advances of the landlord's amorous wife, Mildred.

The show is loosely based on the popular 1970s British sitcom Man About The House, which was also the inspiration for the US sitcom Three's Company.

Along with Gates, Shannon Doherty and Alicia Silverstone have signed on to play Gates' flatmates, with screen legend Jack Palance slated to take the part of the landlord, George. Mildred is to be played by Beverly D'Angelo.

NBC executives have described the pilot of the show as "piss funny" and have green lighted the show to be part of the company's fall line up. It is possible that the show will even be part of the company's 'Must See TV' line up and follow Friendson a Thursday night.

The first episode will feature Gates gate crashing the girls' party, only to fall asleep in the bathtub wearing a frilly yellow dressing gown. Wacky hijinks ensue when the girls agree to let him stay on as their flatmate.

If the sitcom is a success, Bill is rumoured to be considering starring in a re-make of Robin's Nest with Justine Bateman.

Following the news, many other IT presidents are said to be looking at making sitcoms of their own. Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun, is rumoured to be considering starring in a remake of Happy Days, in which he plays a cool company president in the 1950s who moves into the room above the Cunningham's household and soon becomes the popular guy with all the local high school student because of his cool leather jacket and JavaStation.

Provisionally titled Sun Days, the idea has not had a popular reception from TV critics. "McNealy is not the Fonz," said Mark Faulkner from TV Guide. "Maybe Chachi at a push, but he's more like Pottsy or even Ralph Mouth."

"I've seen a shot of McNealy hitting a jukebox and saying 'Heyyyyyyy', and I'm not convinced," he added.


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