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Microsoft announces support for Friends

New plotlines gain approval.

Sydney, 24th April, 1997 -- Microsoft Corporation today announced CEO and chairman Bill Gates had officially endorsed Monday night's episode of Friends.

Gates made the announcement at the WinHec 97 in San Francisco. "We, as a company, feel that scenes with Chandler's psychotic flatmate were particularly amusing."

"In addition, I have made a commitment to keep Monday nights free from now on, or at the very least, to set the video to tape it."

"Provided the romance between Ross and Rachel continues, I see no reason why we would not keep discussing the successful NBC comedy at the water cooler the next morning," Gates added.

With Microsoft committed to the show, support is growing among a number of major IT players.

Intel has also stated its support of the show. "We are very glad to have made this alliance and are working on creating an industry standard, which will allow all IT vendors to make a commitment to the show," said Andy Grove, president of Intel.

Compaq is another company which has tied itself to the proposed Friends ISO97 as a standard. "We were considering implementing Seinfeld as the most hilarious show on TV," said Eckhard Pfieffer, CEO of Compaq. "But that line about the porcelain dog was piss funny."

Friend ISO97 is set to be ratified by the World Funny Show Standards Committee in June.


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