The Best Of 1997

The Best Singles Of 1997

It should come as no surprise that all four of these singles originally featured as a Gusworld Single Of The Week.

Out Of My Mind
Duran Duran

After a lengthy silence in which bassist John Taylor churned out a surprisingly good solo album and then jumped ship, Duran returned in force with this catchy little number. Not only was the A-side pretty damn cool, but one of the extra tracks, 'Sinner Or Saint', came across as some kind of blissful Power Station/Arcadia cross. The next single 'Electric Barbarella' is even catchier, but not due in Australia until early 1998. Curses.

Foolish Games

A grower and then a sticker, this stark ballad showed that when Jewel turned the treacle hippy setting down to low, the results could be stunning. More piano and less guitar in future, methinks. But then, with the fifth-biggest album of the year in the US, Jewel herself probably don't agree.

Gudlet Blev Till Sand
Peter Joback

When I first reviewed this song, I described it as "immaculately sung and perfectly produced". That remains true. I can't wait for the English translation, but it seems I might have to, until 1999 at least.

To The Moon And Back
Savage Garden

Savage Garden have been so monumentally successful this year that the backlash in trendy inner-city weeklies started before they even released an album. But who gives a shit? 'To The Moon And Back' remains a stirring piece of 80s-tinged pop, complete with paranoid lyrics and synthesiser washes. Their first Australian #1, the only mystery is why it couldn't repeat that success overseas.

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