The Best Of 1997

The Best Albums Of 1997

I bought a lot of albums in 1997, but only a handful of them were actually recorded this decade. You may actually have been able to guess this by perusing the artists I have selected below.

Sam Brown

All but forgotten by most people since her breakthrough 1998 hit 'Stop', our Sam returned after several years' silence. You might be able to deduce the return to a more organic sound from the cover photo, but you'd be unlikely to predict how catchy it is. Whether Sam gets angry ('What's The Use') or tender ('Whisper'), the results are totally convincing. Undeserved stiff of the year #1.

Sisters Of Avalon
Cyndi Lauper

Although Sisters Of Avalon debuted in Japan last year, we had to wait until May for an Australian release. Cyndi's distinctive New Yawk twang remains, but her material is less pop pout and more dark and subtle. Standout tracks include the searing single 'You Don't Know', 'Hot Gets A Little Cold' and the pounding title track. Undeserved stiff of the year #2.

Savage Garden
Savage Garden

More than 600,000 people in Australia already own this album, so a review may seem a little superfluous. Yet who would have predicted that going full tilt on the 80s stylings would result in such a massive album? The inspiration ranges from Tears For Fears through Michael Jackson and Duran Duran; the result is the only 90s act that has convinced me to start obsessively collecting their work.

Living In The 80's
Various Artists

80's compilation albums are a dime a dozen, so what makes this one so special? Mostly the fact that even I, a dedicated connoisseur , don't own more than half the tracks on it already. If you're seeking out the one and only hits of the Monitors, the Twins, Oingo Boingo and Boy Meets Girl, or even just the only Jermaine Jackson song you really need to own, look no further.

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